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Spring 2020 — 5 weeks — Icon Design
Teamed with Yasmin Daneshjoo



The Ballard Farmer’s Market was Seattle’s first year-round farmer’s market which brings Washington-exclusive fresh produce to the local neighborhood. The icon set is intended for the promotion of the market through both printed and digital media in order to bring in extra income during a time where markets are operating completely differently due to COVID-19.

Redesigning the icons of the Ballard Market, we wanted to create a successful set of unified symbols which showed off their quirky, rustic spirit. The challenge was to create consistency in the amount of detail and style throughout, portray the character of the market, and make it all-encompassing of what one would find if they attended the Sunday event.

Research                                            Unify
Draft                                                   Prototype
Brand Guidelines                               Refine

Our first step was to conduct competitive research among other brands to draw inspiration for effective symbol design. We began by identifying styles and colors that would successfully communicate the characteristics of Ballard’s ambience.

Tools used: Figma and Pinterest






























Knowing that we wanted to focus on a minimalist, illustrative style, our second step was to explore different icon styles and play with color.

With 12 symbols to create, Yasmin and I each took on six and began to explore without color, the style of our icons. We then consolidated to receive feedback.































We were tasked to create variations of a concept. It was important to keep in mind the level of detail, consistency in dimensions (2D v 3D) and manner in which we wanted to express the symbol.

PROS                                                         CONS
Different concepts ideated                 Unequal level of detail
Executed line drawing style               Abstract v accurate portrayal

Icons unified in artistic style               Color scheme didn't emulate brand





















After prototyping different ideations, we decided on the color displacement and chose a different complementary color palette as the best way to communicate Ballard's quirky yet classy style. We implemented changes to our design and consolidated a final production-ready file to hand off.

Tools used: Figma, Procreate and Adobe Illustrator





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