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Summer 2020 — 16 weeks — Interaction Design
Teamed with Ashten Alexander, Yasmin Daneshjoo and Vera Drapers

It is becoming increasingly more important in American society to be knowledgeable about politics because for many, these decisions impact the rights and sometimes, livelihood of individuals. In a polarizing climate, it is very difficult for citizens to find reliable, accessible, digestible information.

Thus, Voice-It is an app designed to raise awareness about currently elected representatives, candidates and bills as an incentive to vote, and share many actionable resources to get further involved in issues people feel passionately about. It answers the begging question, how can political engagement be encouraged by providing young voters with the right tools and information, so that they may effectively vote within their community?


Contextual Inquiry                             Participatory Design

Wire-framing                                      User-Testing

Prototyping                                        User Feedback

01 Research

User Journey Map.png

02 Deliverables

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