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Reformation Rebrand



































Fall 2019 — 2 weeks — Brand Design

Reformation is a clothing brand with a mission to create sustainable, high-quality fashion through regenerated fabrics and a quick turnover rate to provide current trends.

Redesigning the brand identity of Reformation, I wanted to create a successful set of pages which would highlight their sophisticated and timeless spirit. The challenge was to communicate the vision of the brand through data, the style guide and any other design elements necessary. Using primary colors and a classic typeface, the company's vision became evident.

Brand Identity Design                        Research
Logo Design                                      Prototype
Brand Guidelines                               Refine

My first step was to identify and understand core values of Reformation. These elements helped highlight key attributes I wanted to communicate via the rebrand such as boldness, effortlessness and classiness. From there, I conducted competitive research among other brands to draw inspiration for effective brand design. I began by identifying styles and colors that would successfully portray the characteristics of Reformation's identity.

Tools used: Figma and Pinterest










Reformation believes

fashion should be

sustainable & timeless.

After establishing the color palette and typeface of Reformation's rebrand, I began to rearrange the most important information of their company to create clear data visualization. As a company that prides itself on its sustainability and up-to-date fashion, I wanted to make sure these aspects were highlighted throughout the spread. 




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